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Protect yourself from the financial consequences of injury or illness with disability insurance from HMInsurance Services, Inc.


Our life insurance policies come in both permanent and term forms, so you can find a policy that perfectly suits you needs.

Who We Are

Protect yourself and your assets with insurance coverage from HMInsurance Services, Inc. in Beverly Hills, California. As one of the largest brokers of Lloyd's of London™ in the U.S. we specialize in life, disability, and health policies. We are experts at placing unusual and high dollar risks in a manner that maximizes our clients' access to the relevant insurance markets.

Our clients include television and film studios, record labels, and publishing houses, as well as various non-entertainment related businesses, hedge funds, and high net worth individuals. We offer complete privacy while handling extraordinary risks through various Lloyd's syndicates, including death benefits of as much as $200 million. Formed in England in 1966, our family owned company came to the U.S. in 1978.

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