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Permanent Life Insurance and Estate Planning

Choose permanent or term life insurance policies from HMInsurance Services, Inc. in Beverly Hills, California. We also offer health insurance policies that protect you from skyrocketing medical care costs.

Planning - Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Our permanent life insurance offerings include whole life, universal life, indexed universal life, and guaranteed universal life in 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-year terms. We work with carriers such as Met Life™, Prudential™, New York Life™, Banner™, and America General™. We also work with lawyers and accountants to fund estate tax planning.

Health Insurance

Choose either individual or group health insurance to fit your needs. We can arrange policies for people on or off the exchange, and we shop all insurers to get you the best deal. We work with major companies including Blue Cross Blue Shield™, Aetna™, United Health™, and Health Net™.

Contact us in Beverly Hills, California, to learn more about estate planning.